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The Happy Smartphone


New best use for cell phones: happiness transmitters!

There is no doubt we are living in a mobile phone revolution.

From the most rural areas of India or Indonesia to the highest skyscrapers in Manhattan there are hardly any people, regardless of age, sex, nationality or social layer who would not have a mobile communication device in their hands.

And many if not most of these phones are so called smartphones with countless functions and applications, facilitating communication with anybody all around the world, and making our productive lives or spending our free time so much easier and more colorful.

There is no end of the innovations, newer and newer machines are coming out almost monthly, the reckless competition for the market share giving costumers unprecedented choice and opportunities.

On the darker side, after the initial euphoria based on the appearance of these devices and the clever applications downloaded in their billions, its seems that with the new devices, with the new communication opportunities we simply continue using the same attitude towards each other, and we continue the same self absorbed lifestyle.

The popular social networks are still the battle ground for superiority, vanity, ruthless competition, trickery and domination, recently there have been many articles in the news about the devastating effects of cyber-bullying, affecting one in five children, seemingly forcing young people into suicide.

Many of the popular applications are used as other “addictive substances” to simply run away from normal life and normal human connections, glass eyed staring onto the screen, wasting many hours of the day on absolutely worthless activities.

What if we could use our smartphones differently?

If instead of making us more productive, dominant, boastful and phased out, through these devices we could become truly more connected, happier, more content and revitalized?

When instead of being the members of a faceless, robotic crowd staring on our phones, pushing buttons while sitting on a train or the toilette, eating or even making love, we could join billions of people in a way that we start to feel we know all of them as close relatives, that we want to stay in connection with them, and even when we switch off the phone we keep on searching how to make connections and make each other happy?

As always the problem is never in the hardware, but in for what purpose and with what human software we use them.

We have everything in our hands to create a happy, mutually interconnected human society that can effortlessly cope with any problems, difficulties, everything depends on how we use what we have.

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