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If you have ever asked yourself: How can I be happy? How can I have a more fulfilling life? You are already part of this revolution. The more people actively seeking out a way to measure how truly happy we are, the more sophisticated we will all get in attaining it.


Over 55,000,000 people search for the answer to this question every month. Some are searching for a way to make their relationships better, to improve their health or find more satisfaction in their career. But we are all searching for something and hundreds of courses and self-help books later, can still cannot put our finger on what that elusive thing is. You know why? Because it’s made up of a multitude of things that have to reach a perfect state of balance – that’s when you are in the zone. That’s when you are truly happy and fulfilled. It is really difficult to articulate, calculate and keep track of all these things on your own. But you don’t have to anymore because Y55 does it all for you.


Over the last 30 years scientists have made some huge breakthroughs in understanding what makes us happy and how we can improve our internal well being. You have probably heard that money can’t buy happiness and that our social relationships are the #1 factor in determining how happy we are. You may have had moments of great insight but forgot about them five minutes later and didn’t bother to incorporate them into your life.  Y55 is on a mission make those scientifically proven methods accessible to everyone to implement in their day to day life and experience a happier, more balanced life.  The Happiness Trainer™ is a friendly app that allows you to reap all the benefits of that multitude of scientific research out there and it just takes up a few minutes of your day.


Find out more about yourself: your strengths, weaknesses, and hidden potential. Find out more about human nature, about your nature as a social entity and most importantly about the true keys to a more successful life.


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