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“Happiness Virus”


It is a fact that human beings have a strong desire to pursue happiness. Yet, it seems that in our advanced modern world, where we’ve become experts on just about anything, happiness is not so easy to come by.  Numerous studies suggest that better connection and better relationships between people is the primary factor in the pursuit of happiness and in addition, studies show that we’re much more likely to be happy if we are surrounded by happy people.

Psychologist James H. Fowler, in his study of 5,000 people over 20 years, found that happiness benefits other people through three degrees of connection. There was a statistical correlation between one’s happiness and his friends’ happiness, as well as between one’s happiness and his friends’ friends’ friends’ happiness.”

This means that happiness spreads through social networks like a virus. This equates to your happiness being dependent upon the happiness of someone you’ve never even met, and the happiness of people you don’t even know, depend on your level of happiness.

In light of these findings, what would we do if we were to realize how much our happiness and the happiness of others are interdepended?

You might think that making people around you happy will be exhausting if it means having to provide for their material goods and physical support, but the good news is that it’s been strongly proven that these are not the things that really make us happy. Conversely, we’re much happier with simpler, less expensive, and interpersonal virtues such as being listened to, sensing kindness, receiving gratitude, and feeling love from others. In this way, we won’t drain ourselves; rather we’ll be filled up, making ourselves and others happier at the same time.

With raising awareness and educating ourselves and others, we’ll create a “happiness virus” that will spread like wildfire; the most beneficial virus ever.

With Y55 happiness trainer, we’re aiming to do exactly that – “infect each other!”


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