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Happiness as a “Reward” Rather than a Purpose


What the world needs now is a happiness virus!

Earlier this year in an emotionally captivating article the writer describes the findings of a Jewish concentration camp survivor, a psychiatrist by profession, who continued working with fellow camp members even in the most inhuman circumstances.

Viktor Frankl concludes, based on very direct and precise real life observations that on one hand pursuing happiness for happiness’s sake thwarts the success of such pursuit, and on the other hand only a solid, well defined meaning, purpose in one’s life can attract a person forward and keep one alive even when many others fall.

In his opinion happiness is not something people need to work for directly, rather it is a result, “reward” of working for, achieving life’s purpose.

Other recent scientific studies about happiness found that contentment pursued and achieved within mutual human interconnections, mutual care is qualitatively much greater and more sustained than individual, personal happiness.

If we combine the above thoughts we could come to the observation that if one makes life’s purpose the building positive and mutual human interconnections, the care and fulfillment of others, such person would be rewarded with the highest possible quality of happiness which could be sustained and increased limitless.

This is so because contrary to receiving individual pleasure which is very much restricted to someone’s own “vessels”, where the yearning and the pleasure short circuit each other, giving pleasure to others is without limits and perpetual.

In fact today we have abundant amount of scientific material and real life observation to prove the above observations and conclusion many times over.

The only thing we are still missing is a well formed, practical application, method that could open up these life changing facts in such manner, that besides the fact, theoretical information people could immediately receive positive, direct feedback on their “flash”, giving them the positive motivation to carry on and dive deeper.

And at the time when mutual, virtual connections created networks of billions of people worldwide, the right method, application could spread like a “happy virus” transforming global human society in a revolutionary manner.

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