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Start a Revolution Right in the Palm of Your Hand

Y55 is a friendly app that keeps track of all the best tips and tricks to keep you happy all day. Scientists have tons of information about what really makes us happy. We packed it all into an app so you can take advantage of this knowledge without doing ten years of research like we did. Boyfriend just dumped you?  Try the Relationship Module Tough day at work? Check out the Career Module (These modules have not been released yet but we are working on it) Tip #1: Don’t wait to be unhappy to use it!  The more you use Y55 the more positive energy you create around you. Our Happiness Trainer™ turns your device into pure awesomeness each time you search for tips and info about how to be happy. So whatever is going on in your life, keep Y55 at your fingertips so it can be there when you need it. With Y55 your entire mobile experience will get a whole lot more interesting and exciting because this app is designed to keep your spirits up 24/7.

Meet The Founders 

Eran Shayovich & Michael Miller

Eran Shayovich, Hillary Osellu and Michael Miller are happiness entrepreneurs who met during social activity to promote connection between people on different platforms. They have dedicated the last decade to producing international conferences, creating workshops, multimedia, television programs and books with a single goal in mind – helping people live a happier life.  They are a team of highly engaging speakers who got tired of seeing the frustration and unnecessary pain people go through, all because of a lack of knowledge or the inability to apply all that knowledge into day to day actions.  Now together with the help of friends, family and a supportive community (that’s you!) they are going to reach millions of people, touch their lives and help them change for the better. “One of the most fundamental insights of reaching happiness is that if you help others become happier, you will become much much happier yourself.”  Eran Shayovich.

Hillary Osellu is the CEO of the project.

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